Nick Arnull
Platter Magic
Take a journey with Nick as he demonstrates how to improve finishing techniques that achieve the best possible finish when creating decorative work using color and texture. He presents a simplified approach with strong emphasis on design and aesthetics.
This video concentrates on platter rims and their finishing methods
Total Running Time: 3 Hours 15 min
Two DVD Set
Mick Hanbury
Making and Decorating Platters
Mick's videos are suitable for novice and experienced woodturners alike. In this film Mick demonstrates every step to create -
A Twisted Edge Platter
A Filled Texture Platter
A Pierced and Cut Away Platter

Mick's video is guaranteed to make you want to get to your workshop and start making your own masterpieces.
Total Running Time: 3 hours 50 min
Price - $29.99
Two DVD Set
Mick Hanbury
Making and Decorating Goblets
Mick continues his running theme with this latest film demonstrating a wide variety of ideas to both turn and decorate goblets. In this video, Mick demonstrates every step for turning

Natural Edged Goblets
Filled Texture Goblets
Fillet Spiral Goblets
Laminated Goblets
Pierced Goblets
Total Running Time: 4 hours 45 min
Price - $29.99
Two DVD Set