The Wallaby

Designed and perfected by George Hatfield,  the well known Australian woodturner.  George travels worldwide doing demos and teaching.  His travels led him to design a tool carrier that was convenient, would hold all the necessary tools and stand up to airline baggage handler's abuse.

Its innovative rugged construction has withstood the test of time.  Now twenty years later, George is still using that same original Wallaby today. We asked him what he would change about the Wallaby if he were to make another one.  His answer . . . “Nothing!”

Every Wallaby is hand crafted by an Amish harness maker in Pennsylvania. We make them in small batches meaning each is unique. Our Amish artisan hand cuts and stitches all the parts of each Wallaby. While the Wallaby’s basic design is the same, the freeform stitching adds to their character meaning yours will be one of a kind.

- Wallaby Features -
  • Rugged Canvas Outer Body
  • Pockets for Twelve Tools
  • Easily accomodates tools over 24 inches long
  • Protective Leather Panel / Strop
  • Durable Woven Polymer Closure Straps with double "D" rings
  • Built-in Leather Carrying Handle
  • Made entirely in the USA
Prices listed do not include shipping / handling charges or any required State or local taxes
We make the Wallaby from the same heavy grade canvas the US Navy uses for sailors’ sea bags. A full grain leather panel keeps your tools’ cutting edges from damaging the canvas. If you hone your tools, the leather also serves as a strop.
Unrolled and laid out flat, the Wallaby is 5 feet long and 25 inches wide
When rolled up, two woven polymer belts held tight by double “D” rings secure the roll firmly in place. The built in leather handle makes carrying the Wallaby very easy and comfortable. 

- Get Yours Today . . .it will last a lifetime! -
Price - $124.95