Nick Arnull
Ying & Yang
In his latest video, Nick takes you along on his journey into contemporary woodturning. Nick turns two an end-grain vessels. The first is a sycamore vase which he pierces to create a lace like border. This vase also features carved feet to elevate its base giving the piece a natural balance and elegance. The second end-grain piece incorporates piercing and air brushing techniques to create the illusion of motion and flames
Total Running Time: 5 Hours
Price - $29.99
Two DVD Set
Mark Sanger
The Inside Story
Mark takes you through all the processes of making one of his signature forms, from initial sourcing of the log through to the finished form. 

Selecting the appropriate wood
How to orient for the best results
Roughing the form and design aspects
Using simple methods for seasoning
Re-mounting and finish turning
Surface finishing using his special finish 
Making a lid
Carving and finishing a finial.
Total Running Time: 3 hours 30 min
Price - $29.99
Two DVD Set
Mick Hanbury
Making and Decorating Hollow Forms
Mick's video is suitable for novice and experienced woodturners alike. With this film Mick continues his running theme of demonstrating an array of different techniques to both turn and decorate work pieces.
He demonstrates on how to make and finish both Open Hollow Forms and Closed Hollow Forms along with how to texture them.
This DVD set also contains a number of amusing outtakes.  Mick's video is guaranteed to make you want to get to your workshop and start making your own masterpieces.
Total Running Time: 4 hours 45 min
Price - $29.99
Two DVD Set
Simon Hope
Hope for All of Us

Simon takes you through the process of turning a small hollow form and then making his trademark stamp of pewter work. Using a minimum of hollowing tools for the main form, he shows how to create a beautiful pewter finial on the lathe and finished with a metal buffing system. This is project that will make wonderful gifts for all occasions

Total Running Time: 1 hour 40 min
Price - $24.99
Single DVD