Terry Scott
Manta Ray Bowl
Influenced by the sea surrounding New Zealand, Terry turns a winged bowl inspired by the manta rays that swim the shallow warm waters.  The video features all the steps to turn,  texture and color his signature Manta Ray bowl
Total Running Time: 3 Hours 30 Minutes
Price - $29.99
Two DVD Set
Terry Scott
Midas Bowl
The second installment in Terry's winged bowl series. The video features all the steps to turn,  texture, carve and color his signature Midas bowl
Total Running Time: 3 Hours 45 Minutes
Price - $29.99
Two DVD Set
Sue Harker
Bowl in a Bowl
Sue demonstrates how to turn a beautiful bowl in a bowl incorporating techniques like off center turning, inlay, decorative piercing, coloring, texturing and much more
Total Running Time: 3 Hours
Price - $29.99
Two DVD Set
Andy Lodge
Bowl Turning Masterclass
Using native English timbers, Andy Lodge demonstrates a wide variety of techniques that produce a fabulous array of bowl designs.
Featured Bowls Include -
Detailed Sycamore Bowl
Chinese Style English Yew Bowl
Natural Edged Boxwood Bowl
Heavy Cherry Bowl
Total Running Time: 5 hours
Price - $29.99
Two DVD Set
Andy Lodge
Methods of Piercing
In this final film of the series, Andy Lodge takes you through the setting up and execution of his piercing methods along with a discussion of the many tools available.
Projects covered -
Thin Bowls with pyrographed pierced details
Yew goblet with sapwood lattice piercing
Pierced hanging ornament
Total Running Time: 2 hours
Price - $29.99
Two DVD Set
Bob Chapman
Bowled Over
Bob Chapman's forms and designs feature classical shapes and minimal decoration. He strives for what he describes as "elegant simplicity."

In this two volume set Bob demonstrates why simple forms do so well. He reveals the positive qualities of superb tooling and finish, a refined sense of shape and form balanced with flowing curves of fine proportions
Total Running Time: 2 hours 40 min
Price - $29.99
Two DVD Set
Mark Sanger
What A Relief
Mark Sanger is famous for his work with unseasoned wood. In this DVD he demonstrates how to use green wood with processes that he has tested and proven over the years.
Mark takes the viewer though all the steps for:
Selecting and preparing a log for roughing
The roughing process
Accounting for wall thickness for seasoning
How to season a rough finished bowl
Remounting and finishing the bowl
Texturing using the Arbortech and a blow torch to finish the bowl.
Total Running Time: 1 hour 50 min
Single DVD
Price - $19.99
Mick Hanbury
Satellite Bowl
Mick demonstrates all the steps on how to make his Satellite Bowl. Starting with the base bowl, then moving on to the lid which requires precision hollowing. The project further incorporates spindle turning and decorative piercing along with a splash of color.

Mick's Satellite Bowl is a challenge testing all your turning skills to complete an heirloom piece your grandchildren’s children will fight over!
Total Running Time: 3 hours 15 min
Price - $29.99
Two  DVD Set
Prepare to be amazed! Eli continues demonstrating his methods of bowl turning but this time with the addition of hours of texturing. He makes a standard ogee shape and then shows how he makes his own tools for producing the basic lines for the stone texture. This video takes the viewer to the bowl’s finish for the conclusion of the complete stone design effect.
Total Running Time: 1 hour 25 min
Price - $24.99
Single DVD
This video introduces the Lignotec Compound Slide jig. Eli begins by making the outside of a standard bowl from holly; then the magic begins. Cutting V slots into the profile and then inserting laminated segments made from ebony, maple, and bloodwood. He then explains pyrographic and piercing techniques to complete this fantastic project
Total Running Time: 1 hour 10 min
Single DVD
Price - $24.99